Property Management

The owners of the real estate properties give a great importance to the property management services, due to the need to maximize the income generated by the investment made. In this regard we have developed a separate division within our company, a division that offers specialized advice in this field of activity.


  • We evaluate the property from a commercial, technical and financial point of view and we assist the investor in the acquisition process.
  • We identify the most efficient ways to use the properties.
  • We propose strategies to bring the property to the best use.
  • We provide market studies, opportunity studies, feasibility studies and valuation reports required in order to find the proper source of financing.
  • We offer advice in the process of taking over the property.


  • We optimize the revenue and costs related to the budget of the asset.
  • We are looking for new users of the spaces and we are providing strategies to keep loyal the existing ones.
  • We offer project management consultancy for the developments, modernizations, etc approved by the beneficiary.
  • We ensure the development of partnerships with third parties: customers, suppliers, public authorities.
  • We manage the portfolio of tenants: the commercial relationship, the contractual relationship, the process of handing over / receiving the property, we take over and solve the requests / complaints.
  • We provide strategies for the administration, security and technical maintenance of the property.
  • We constantly monitor the level of income and manage the recovery of the debts.
  • We manage the technical / legal documentation regarding the property.
  • We regularly provide market analysis on the evolution of the level of rents and sales prices, the size of demand and offer, the monitoring of competition.


  • We provide our customers with the necessary information to fundament the sales decision.
  • We provide assistance in managing the process of providing the information requested by the buyer.
  • We prepare the technical and legal documentation necessary for the buyer.
  • We manage the transfer of property.