Owner’s Representative

The owner’s representative manages projects starting with the concept stage and throughout completion. He is the person who knows the needed information in every stage, so that the projects to fulfill the established time frame and budget.


  • We define together with the beneficiary the general objectives, key objectives and constraints of the investment.
  • We make the connection between the project team and the beneficiary (and/or beneficiary’s management team).
  • We provide support and assistance for the beneficiary in selecting the lawyer’s office specialized in law 31 (trade companies law), the accountant and fiscal advisory company, the working and development team.
  • We provide support and assistance for the beneficiary in selecting the insurance company and the bank if the case may be.
  • We provide support and assistance for the beneficiary in drawing out the development schedule, the investment plan and the budget, including all associated activities assigned to the developer.
  • On behalf of the beneficiary we attend the meetings between the developer and the authorities.
  • We sign all the agreements and documents necessary in dealing with the developer and with authorities.
  • We actively get involved in the negotiation and signing of the agreements with partners/suppliers (lawyers, accountant, development company, the bank or the financing company etc), but also with the designers, constructors, technical consultants and clients (who buy or rent).
  • We permanently identify investment risks and take action in avoiding or solving them out.
  • We assess the investment regarding the need and levels of insurance required to be submitted by the involved parties and negotiate and sign insurances on behalf of the beneficiary.
  • We supervise all investment development stages, ensuring that the beneficiary’s objectives and expectations are fulfilled.
  • We supervise the entire design process in order to ensure that all contractual clauses are complied with the final project and in accordance with the beneficiary’s requirements.
  • We draw out all the documentation and contracts for which the beneficiary has empowered us.
  • We negotiate and sign partnerships on behalf of the beneficiary.
  • Upon design completion, we check if the key and general objectives are complied with and we prepare the general investment development chart, including the key data for the investment stages completion.
  • We approve the preliminary qualification and the tendering documentation for contracting entrepreneurs and we send to the developer and to the project managers the approval of initiation formalities.
  • We analyze the reports of the received offers during tendering and we approve the winners that will sign the agreement.


  • Following the organization of preliminary meetings with all involved parties, we send the approval for starting the works.
  • We ensure the compliance with the agreed terms of the building  contracts by identifying, communicating and solving all concerning matters and situations, in order to avoid potential conflicts and delays.
  • We manage and sign the bills and the payment reports received from the involved parties, respectively the constructor, the designer, the consultants, contractors and suppliers.
  • We permanently follow-up on the evolution of the relation  between the budgeted costs and the accomplished costs and we take  measures for controlling and reducing the expenses.
  • We coordinate and approve the site orders and we follow-up on the result of their implementation.
  • We ensure that all documentation provided in the contracts are properly prepared.


  • We supervise the sale or renting process.
  • We negotiate and sign the preliminary contracts, the sale and  renting agreements.
  • We monitor and manage building works completion and, implicitly, all the associated agreements, in order to ensure that all certificates, minutes, manuals and necessary warranties are received (including the operating permit).
  • We monitor the building in order to identify or record the faults and flaws reported by the lessees or tenants and we prepare and send the resulted reports to the contractor and / or involved parties.
  • We organize and attend the property inspection taking place one year after take-over, if authorized so by the beneficiary.