Development & Planning

From site identification and throughout product delivery, CONADI provides a fully-integrated range of services. The entire process is driven by innovative, top quality research, tailored to our clients needs.

We can provide a full range of development services for:

  • Residential
  • Office
  • Industrial
  • Retail
  • Commercial
  • Other sectors

Type of services provided:

  • Pre-purchase services
  • Post-purchase services

Pre-Purchase Services

Development viability analysis:

  • We help clients ensure that their developments are viable and deliverable by presenting documented analysis and strategic advice throughout all stages of the development cycle.
  • We apply our in-depth understanding and knowledge of markets to ensure robust viability evidence, based on commercial reality.

Support in outlining the development premises and the general concept of the investment:

  • We help our clients understand WHERE to invest in Romania.
  • We help our clients understand the MARKET SEGMENT to invest in (residential, commercial, office, industrial etc.).
  • We help our clients find the right type of building to invest in (class A, B or C for office spaces and luxury, medium or low for the residential sector).
  • We help our clients find the right location (premises) for investment.

Development valuation services:

  • CONADI has a network of expert appraisers within the country to provide valuation advice from project start and throughout completion.

Support in property acquisition and development preparations:

  • Via our Real Estate Division, we help our clients acquire the land/property suitable for development.
  • We offer support in finding the right legal adviser and notary in order to conclude the transactional process.
  • We check all the urban planning aspects of the property.
  • Based on our market know-how and client expectations, we establish together with the client all the details regarding the investment (e.g. for Residential sector - the distribution of apartments, number of rooms, surfaces, terraces, parking places etc, for Office/Commercial sector - tailoring the surfaces to be rented/sold, parking areas, destination of spaces etc.).
  • We set up the general budget for the investment.
  • If appropriate, we support the client in finding a suitable financial solution.

Post-Purchase Services

We take care of all aspects related to the development process:

  • Acquiring all the necessary permits.
  • Choosing the development team: the Legal team, the Project Manager, the Real Estate sales team and the Marketing team.
  • Our Project Management Department offers assistance for our clients starting from land acquisition and the selection of project designers, continuing with the tender for the selection of suppliers, signing the contract with the general contractor and finishing with obtaining the permits.
  • Our Real Estate Department is available to our clients from the moment of land acquisition analysis and up to the moment of sale process and/or rental agreement.
  • Monitoring all processes until project completion.