Assets Valuation

In the current general economic and financial context, the valuation of assets owned by both individuals and companies acquires special importance.

It allows customers to get updated realistic information about the value of assets owned or under management. As a consequence, we offer our services to the final consumer (person or legal entity), to the banks (periodically reassessing their loan portfolios), to the audit, accounting or other financial advising companies, for their customers.


Valuation of immovable assets

  • Residential real estate: apartments, villas (building and/or land), lands without buildings, lands with buildings, lands within/outside the built-up area.
  • Complex real estate: industrial halls, deposits with platforms, office spaces, commercial spaces, hotels, special buildings.

Valuation of movable assets

  • Vehicles and trucks, machinery, industrial and building equipments, office supplies, furniture etc.
  • Special machinery.

Enterprise valuation of movable and immovable assets (commercial and industrial real estate property).


Among the representative valuations performed by our company, we can underline:

  • Apartments and villas.
  • Mixed real estate: commercial, offices (Nusco Tower) and apartments.
  • Malls: Unirea Shopping Center (Bucharest), Unirea Shopping Center (Brasov).
  • Lands without buildings (in Bucharest, Ilfov, Calarasi, Braila, Pitesti, Oradea, Ploiesti etc.).
  • Hotels: Rex Hotel (Mamaia), Rina Hotel (Sinaia).
  • Hospital: “Policlinico di Monza” Medical Center (Bucharest).
  • Supermarket network: PIC S.A. (in Pitesti, Calarasi, Braila, Craiova and Oradea), buildings and lands, equipments and machinery etc.
  • Industrial halls: Exalco SA (in Bragadiru, buildings and land), Italinox SA (in Targoviste, buildings and lands).
  • Enterprises/Factories (complex valuations): Elvila Group (production units, stores, buildings, lands and tangible assets), SC INCOV S.A. (in Alba Iulia), SC Avastar SRL Slaughterhouse (in Pascani), buildings, lands and movable assets).
  • Special machinery: SC MINMETAL SA (in Constanta, bridge cranes in the Constanta Port).


Among the employed valuators we are proud to mention:

  • Dumitru Nicolae, PhD in Economics - Valuator, Permanent Member of ANEVAR (EPI, EI), economist, CECCAR member, member of the Chamber of Financial Auditors of Romania, member of the Chamber of Fiscal Consultants of Romania.
  • Eng. Lascar Cristian - Valuator, Permanent Member of ANEVAR (EPI, EI, EBM), engineer (electromechanic, naval electromechanics specialization).
  • Irina Predut - Valuator, Permanent Member of ANEVAR (EPI, EI, EBM), economist.


  • national network of valuators.