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Profitability of companies on the Bucharest market, measured by PER indicator

PER indicator (Price-Earnings-Ratio), represented by the ratio of market capitalization and profit net, which measures the profitability and time that a company is buying back their value, places Transelectrica (TEL), the national carrier of electricity, first among the most profitable companies listed at Bucharest, not taking into account the exceptional profit of Banca Transilvania.
Thus, Transelectrica, state-owned company at a rate of 58.68%, had a net profit of 360 mln. Lei while the market value of the carrier energy is 1.9 billion lei. at the begining of this year TEL securities were depreciated by 6.52%.
In second place is SIF Transilvania (SIF3), with a PER of 5.84, followed by SIF Molodva (SIF 2) and SIF Oltenia (SIF 5) 5.92, 5.97. Banca Transilvania (TLV), the bank been valuable listed on the local capital market, has a PER value of 2.74 as a result of exceptional profit recorded following the acquisition of Volksbank. Financial intermediation and insurance sector has a PER value of 6.75, the most traded sector of the Bucharest Stock Exchange.



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