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Project Management

Real Estate Integrated Services


We manage the entire program and construction process - from pre-design and throughout project delivery and closeout. Our services make projects more efficient by controlling costs, schedules and work scope, without compromising quality.

In brief, our services consist of:


Multifaceted construction enterprises have complex challenges that require successful team integration. Building the right team to m anage your project is crucial for success.

Our specialists have the proven ability and expertise to manage complex projects. We identify issues and solve conflicts before they become problems, using standardized procedures and processes that consistently provide excellent outcomes. We focus on ensuring that your projects are delivered safely, on time, according to the project documentation and within budget.

Our expertise is focused on representing owners throughout all phases of planning, design, and construction.


As owner’s representative, our approach focuses on optimizing design and construction costs, project delivery schedule and facility life cycle costs, while maximizing project flexibility and value through expert process development and strong communication.

We ensure that the owner’s interests are at the heart of every decision made. We represent the owner’s interests and we are the liaison between the broker, the design team, landlords, contractors etc.

Our services are usually provided to:

These are the main functions we typically perform as the owner’s representative. There are certainly others and, depending on the size, complexity and experience of the owner, our role may vary.


CONADI is expert in providing cost, planning, and schedule management services for projects in multiple industries. We provide owners constant feedback and information to ensure successful project execution.

Effective planning management requires setting and maintaining detailed program schedules for all project phases. In fact, s chedule management starts well before construction begins, ideally in the planning phase, where each task associated with design, bidding, construction and commissioning is carefully scheduled in order to avoid delays. Our schedule management services include developing master, objective, design phase, construction and commissioning / close-out schedules, reviewing contractor s chedules, setting time, liquidated damages and providing value scheduling. Using the critical path method (CPM), we prepare and u pdate master schedules that portray summary level activities for each stage of large, complex construction projects.

Our cost management processes actively control costs during all project stages, giving project participants a clear financial picture at any time, allowing team members to make right d ecisions. In addition, integrating cost and schedule data from each p roject allows us to identify potential interferences with impact on the final budget, often before program/project milestones are affected.


Choosing the correct project delivery method is an important step in ensuring success. While there are advantages and disadvantages to each method - depending on schedule and budget restraints and project complexity - CONADI ensures that each method is c arefully considered when developing an overall implementation strategy. We have extensive experience working with a wide range of project delivery methods, including Construction Management at Risk, Construction Management for Fee, design-build, lump sum, design-bid-build, cost reimbursable and others.


CONADI has developed a wide variety of contract templates, including contracts for professional design services, design-build, fixed-price construction, job order contracting, construction management and program management at risk.


CONADI performs the following type of audits:

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