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New: Arcadia Apartments Domenii


The first big residential development in Domenii area of the Romanian Capital, Arcadia Apartments Domenii has an excellent position near Copilului Park. The compund will totalize 800 apartments, which will be delivered in three phases, in three years. The first phase began in August 2017 and consists in a building with 193 apartments, 4 entrances and 240 parking lots disposed completely underground.

In this project, we engaged several departments from Conadi:

Our company has been actively engaged since the plot’s acquisition, managing the entire process of development (with the support of our partners K-Box Construction & Design, Colbax Engineering and Conarg AG), communications and sales.

Investor in this project is DVD Residential Imobiliare company, whose majority associates are Dan Sucu, the owner of Mobexpert group, and Valentin Visoiu, the owner of Conarg group.

We invite you to discover more about Arcadia Apartments Domenii on project’s official website:


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